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23 April, 2007 / theexpositor

More of McManus’ Barbaric Barbianism

Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries writes a wonderful piece today on more of the false teachings of Erwin McManus. The are so many who claim that we are falsely accusing McManus. But for someone who is supposed to be “faithul to the Christian ministry, McManus hardly ever preaches or writes anything (at least from everything that I have read, and it has been a lot) that is consistent with Scripture, and definitely is contrary to the historic Christian faith. His teaching are more consistent with a Tony Robbins seminar or a Richard Gere speech.

In Silva’s article, McManus’ statements are taken straight from the The Barbarian Project: Summer Internship 2007 page at the Mosaic website. You must read it for yourself, but here are some snibbets:

But you know what happens, don’t you? You know, we start going to church. We-we, start being pulled into the magnetic pull of civilized religion. And the truth if the matter, if we would just stop and reflect, is that Christianity is essentially no different than any other world religion. It’s as empty and hollow as Buddhism and Hinduism and Islam.

At Mosaic people come to me and say, “Are you saying only Christians go to Heaven?” And I say, “Of course not. Christians need to come to Jesus just like Buddhists and Hindus and atheists,” And they go, “Ok! As long as it’s fair. Because people outside of Christianity are looking in and they know; this cannot possible be what God meant. But we don’t seem to know it.

So so for all the folks who are going to take this and twist and spin and condemn us for daring to question the futurist, I ask the question…..where is the Gospel?

Please read Erwin McManus Asks:’So You Wanna to be a Barbarian’?