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20 April, 2007 / theexpositor

T.D. Jakes Says Practicing “Christian” Yoga And Meditation Is Okay

from Christian Research Network 

Here we move one step closer to seeing the major pillars in the Devil’s Ecumenical Church of Deceit – Word Faith Church, the Emergent Church and the Purpose Driven Church -more closely unite through the mystic practices of the contemplative “spiritual disciplines” which flowered in the monastic traditions of the apostate Church of Rome. In this piece for Newsweek’s On Faith Word Faith mogul and Oneness Pentecostal T.D. Jakes has now come right out and endorsed the practice of yoga and meditation for Christians.

Jakes even mentions that in Rick Warren’s:

Purpose-Driven Life, he does encourages (sic) people to practice “breath prayers” by repeating words and phrases over and over in a mantra-style prayer, a practice that is similar to that found in Hindu yoga and Zen Buddhism, but I don’t view that as a recommendation to forgo the laws of the God of Abraham.

As you read this article also note how ”Bishop” Jakes – consistent with so many $evangelical$ “leaders” today – teaches that man himself is capable of deciding “where breathing and meditation end, and a newfound religion begins”, which shows his grave misunderstanding of the spiritual nature of the warfare the Christian is involved in:

I believe at the core of the debate is what your intentions are when one practices the exercises of yoga or when you meditate… if I am a Christian, then the fact that I do yoga to enhance my physical condition, or meditate to help me clear my mind, do not change my beliefs in Christianity or remove or weaken my faith. My primary concern only lies with wondering if new Christians are adept at discerning where breathing and meditation end, and a newfound religion begins.



  1. Rachel Tuller / May 3 2007 19 42

    I do not believe the practice of yoga will lead a christian astray. The only way to lead someone astray is if they are willing and CHOOSE to move in that direction.

    I agree that the practice of yoga, like many other physical pursuits, is a way to enhance your physical and mental being.


  2. Ed Viswanathan / May 17 2007 19 49

    I agree with Rachel Tuller that practice of Yoga will NOT lead a Christian astray.

    It is a fact that Yoga came out of Hinduism but if research in depth, you will find YOGA has nothing to do with Hinduism. Yoga is a Sanskrit word but still it covers the goal of every religion and every culture on earth.

    When some one prays to Krishna , he is following BHAKTI YOGA. If some one prays to Jesus, he is also following BHAKTI YOGA. So Yoga is like Physics or Chemistry; It is universal.

    I firmly believe every one on earth should give more importance to spirituality that is developed through practicing different Yogas and less importance to religious dogmas.

    We have to do things that will elevate us spiritually. We have to slowly eradicate negative thoughts and pump ourselves with positive thoughts.

    Eventually we have to even eradicate “positive thoughts” and attain “thought-less state”. We have to raise our vibrations to higher levels so that we can deal with day to day problems in a very constructive manner. Slowly and steadily we will reach there. That is what Hindu salvation process is all about.


    Yoga means “ Union with divine” or “Self Realization of the immortal soul or Atman within you.” Of course, it has many other meanings too. The word Yoga came from the root word Yuj to Yoke or join. So yoga teaches one to join the individual soul or Atman with the absolute soul or Parmathman or God. The word Yoga is defined by sage Patanjali in his book Patanjali Yoga Sutra.

    He summarized YOGA as CHITTA VRITHI NIRODHA.

    CHITTA means MIND

    So according to him, SELF-REALIZATION means
    ” Stoppage of Mental Vibrations or mental activity within a man.”

  3. trixie / Oct 2 2007 20 52

    I’m a former Taoist-Buddhist. Our family practised yoga and eastern meditation until we were set free by the Lord Jesus Christ in the late 1990s. Still praying for my other relatives, many of them are bound by yoga and eastern meditation. A few of my relatives have severe schizophrenia. We believe it is a result of opening their minds to demonic forces through yoga and eastern meditation. The rest of my Buddhist relatives are very anti-Christianity and have disowned us.

    I’m absolutely shocked and appalled to see European/Caucasian Christians taking up yoga and eastern meditation. They do not realize that we easterners do not practise yoga and meditation as simple mental exercises. There is a spirit behind this. To do yoga and EM you must first accept the spiritual teaching behind it, otherwise you’re just mimicking nonsense.

    This occultic and demonic teaching has kept my people bound for generations. I AM VERY STUNNED THAT THE WEST HAS BECOME BLIND.

  4. Aha Amenhotep / Nov 4 2010 15 36

    Their are many different forms of yoga. To label all as opening up to demonic spirits are completely ludicrous. Yoga can also be used without even thinking about religion or spirituality. It can be used for the purpose of health, exercise and stress relief. Their are a lot of people in Christian communities with mental health issues. Can we blame their issues on Christianity?

    • ladytamlihua / Jun 27 2011 18 11

      Pretty much what I was going to say. I’ve known Christians who suffered from Alzheimer’s, bi-polar disorder, suicidal thoughts, clinical depression, and a host of other mental issues.

      People keep saying there are “spirits” behind this, but no one is explaining this in a way that makes logical sense. Please, someone…give me some solid evidence. Give me something I can use besides “Schizophrenia is demonic”. Give me something that makes *sense*.

      This is me actually asking folks to believe what they’re saying. I want real evidence of its evil before I quit something that has improved my relationship with Christ

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