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17 April, 2007 / theexpositor

Christian Singer Wants to Be an Idol

I personally do not like most “reality shows”, but especially American Idol. Oh if some Christians could be as commited to obeying and serving God as they are to television programs that are anything but reality. At Christian Research Network, Ingrid Schleuter shares a letter received from the father-in-law of an American Idol contestant. The father-in-law is also a pastor. The letter struck a cord with me as I received a similiar email just last year.  

Read Christian Singer Wants to Be an Idol


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  1. healtheland / Apr 21 2007 0 02

    Can’t stand the name of the show. Also cannot stand the show’s symbol, a shimmering, well, idol of a man holding a microphone. I was thinking myself to be, well, legalistic for feeling that way, but felt much better when one of the demon bad guys on an episode of “Bibleman” expressed appreciation for the show. I hate to sound like a pharisee, but IMHO no Christian should have anything to do with that show, even it has launched the careers of a few Christian and gospel artists.

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