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20 March, 2007 / theexpositor

Can the SBC be reformed?

I came across this from the Founders Ministries website on their FAQ page. I recommend you also read the linked article by Dr. Thomas Ascol Why Work for Reformation of the SBC? 

Absolutely! Not because we have any secret weapon which will bring it about. And not because we have any confidence in our efforts or in those whom God is raising up to call us back to our doctrinal heritage. Rather, we genuinely hope to see sweeping reformation and revival across not only the SBC but across evangelicalism in general because of the character of God and the testimony of His previous work in history. We have already seen more positive developments than many of us dared to dream when Founders Ministries first began. A reformation is under way. How deep it will go and how far it will spread is beyond our ability to know. But there is more evident encouragement to press on in the work of reformation today than there has been in two generations. God is at work in far greater ways than we can measure. But what we can see is tremendously encouraging.

Read also “Why Work for Reformation within the SBC” by Tom Ascol