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10 March, 2007 / theexpositor

Steve Camp:Tough Love for Evangelicals

I have said it before, and here it is one more time; I thank the Lord for the faithfulness of Steve Camp. Steve is one of the important voices for the church today and in this piece posted at Christian Worldview Network, Steve presents one of the most comprehensive studies of the state of the evangelical church that I have ever had the honor of reading.

Plastinated, Plastic and Popular
The face of evangelicalism has been altered so dramatically that it looks “doctrinally disfigured” suffering from one too many “botox injections” of pragmaticism and ecumenism; with severe “soteriological ‘nips and tucks'” that gifted “plastic surgeons” skilled with the scalpel of New Perspectivism, Inclusivism, Open Theism and Postmodernism have cut away so much of authentic gospel “tissue” that what’s left is just a synthetic, artificial “message-manikin.” The “religious legislative laser technicians” have almost burned away the aged wrinkles of faithfulness to God’s Word trying to give a “new face of influence” through political co-belligerence–turning the body of Christ into just another lobbyist group, PAC or “Christocrat.” Seminaries are having “theological lypo-suction” done at such alarming rates that even the doctrinal positions of TBN, by comparison, are looking deceptively… “orthodox.” And “full body makeovers” of local churches are being done so effectivel! y so as to not have to look like church, sound like church, act like church, be called a church, or function as a church that they could be featured on a special ecclesiatical episode of “The Swan.” Continue reading Tough Love for Evangelicals