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27 February, 2007 / theexpositor

Pragmatism Potty In The Press

Just when I think I have seen and heard it all, there comes something like this story courtesy of With people dying and going to hell, we have “pastors” like this guy in Hastings, Minnesota wasting time and resources on building a better restroom. You have got to read this post, complete with photos of this lunacy.

Probably more interesting that this story itself, will be the onslaught of people who email me and attempt to justify this trash. Any person or people who would find justification for spending money to decorate a bathroom in a NASCAR motif, just so it will apparently attract more people, is either intellectually challenged or just a plain old-fashioned apostate. Yes, I said apostate.

Pragmatism Potty In The Press



  1. gilbertfamily / Feb 27 2007 20 12

    I agree…our society desires preachers/leaders who will place the focus on us rather than on God. May God grant us the ability to see the error of our ways.

  2. nathan / Feb 27 2007 23 15

    If you go to MacArthur’s church, seminary and college, there are very nice bathrooms. How dare he also construct these nice bathrooms! There are people going to hell and he is out maintaining nice bathrooms! Better yet, How dare he have a nicely carpeted and decorated sanctuary! That money could have gone to missionaries.

    Do you see how ridiculous this blog is getting? Are you running out of material to nit-pic, and so you resort to humiliating people who are redoing their bathrooms in the way they want?

  3. Rickie / Feb 28 2007 0 50

    The day we begin to claim that someone loses their faith over choice of bathroom decor is a sad one. My soul grieves for yours Mr Corley. I am literally crying over what your people have become.

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