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08 February, 2007 / theexpositor

Seeking Speaking Opportunities

As we are moving into new phases of what the Lord is calling us to do, I have felt led to actively seek more opportunities to preach. If you are a pastor, church leader or member, or if you are part of a church-based group organization, we would love to come to your area and share this ministry with you. The seeker-sensitive, user-friendly, purpose driven and now the emergent church; the challenges to the true Gospel are growing every day. When we come to your area, we will examine these popular church growth movements in the light of Scripture and declare the true Gospel as to revealed in the Word of God.

For more information and to schedule a meeting call 601-636-1108


One Comment

  1. Rickie / Feb 14 2007 16 52


    you recently gave a top 10 list of what makes a church “bad”. Two of them were:

    * your Christmas Eve Service was broadcasted on FOX
    * your offering plates have credit card swipers

    Do you not broadcast live each week (from sea to shining sea)?

    Do you not accept offerings via credit card transactions on your website?

    Churches beware! Mike has at least 20% of the characteristics of a bad ministry!

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