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08 February, 2007 / theexpositor

Christian Radio Just Keeps on Growin

This could possibly the one blog post that will tell me if anyone in my local area reads this or not, because in some ways I am taking the gloves off.

This past February 2nd marked seven years since the Lord placed us in Vicksburg, Mississippi to oversee WQBC Radio. There have been many blessings. We have been blessed to see people to come to the Lord, believers educated and encouraged to do the work of the ministry. We have been the focus of  interviews and articles by such ministgries and organizations as Family News in Focus, American Family Journal and Radio Europe. It has been a wonderful experience.

However, the greatest challenge, and also the greatest disappoinment, has been the apathy we have seen from…….Christians, and worse yet Christian buisness people!

We have done everything from begging to almost giving it away to get people to financially support our work. We have kept track of the excuses; “How many people listen to your station?”, “How can I be sure that I will get an increase in business if I support your station?”, “I don’t listen to Christian radio.”,  “Does anybody listen to Christian radio?”.

Well as to the question does anyone listen, allow me to point you to the cover article in this months edition of Christianity Today entitled Christian Radio’s New Wave. In this piece, the publication has an interview with Frank Wright, president of the National Religious Broadcasters, and focus heavily on our good friends at Salem Communications.

After about 4 years it became tiring to go out day to day and try to “convince” people of the rightness of our cause. At one point, we were airing a format of 50% Christian and 50% secular. A little over a year ago we dropped all secular stuff and dedicate the station to full time Christian programming and I have no regrets.

However, the challenges continue. Now we focus on asking people to prayerfully consider partnering with us in prayer and with financial support. Some have come on baord, most have not.

There was the long-time sponsor who stood with us until we question something their pastor did during a sermon, so they cancelled. There was the “Christian businessman” who committed to helping us and has yet to pay off his commitment. Then there are multitudes of people who say they are believers, and support the ministry, but will freely give money to the country, oldies and hip-hop radio stations while we have had to make massive cutbacks just to keep going day-to-day.

Now with that whining session done, let me say this. The Lord is our provider. While the response in out local area has diminshed, the response we are getting from across the country and around the world has been tremendous. We have received calls and emails from Califronia, Washington state, Washington D.C., Ohio, Texas, Montana and on and on. One lady said the first time she listened to our radio program was while she was on a transatlantic flight to the U.K. Wow! (she downloaded the program and listened on her mp3 player)

Yeah, people will be people, and it is sad that so many who claim the Name care so little about proclaiming that Name. But we are doing what we are doing not based on what people think or how much they are involved. We do it because we are mandated to by the Father, and when we turn on the mic, and shout His Word from the housetops, we sense His pleasure.



  1. Trish / Feb 8 2007 5 25

    Hi Michael,

    I know I’m not in the local area and can only listen to you on the internet. But where I am at, Fort Worth TX, Christian radio is all I listen to. If I were in Vicksburg, I would definitely be listening to your station, especially your show.

    I pray God provides for you to keep your station going and allows it to prosper for the Kingdom.

    May God Bless you and your ministry,
    Trish Reilly

  2. Christian / Feb 8 2007 16 00

    Hi Michael,

    I understand your complaint. A local Christian station was very helpful to me in the very early days of my faith, and I have supported local Christian radio financially ever since then. I’m a grad student, so I don’t have a ton of cash to say the least, but I make it a priority to support the spreading of the Word.

    I also pray that the Lord will give you what you need to continue the ministry.



  3. Doug Stewart / Feb 25 2007 18 10

    Hello, Michael,

    Ten years of experience ferreting out Christian radio suppport in Southeastern Virginia has been very similar to your experience with finding support for Christian talk and ministry radio in Vicksburg. Other than location, our experiences are nearly identical. Why? I think it’s because not everyone who cries, “Lord, Lord”, is Kingdom-bound.

    There are many in Church today (and even involved with Christian radio today) who are among that huge group of whom I call the “deceived-unsaved”. We’re not in the Kingdom because we chose God. We’re in the Kingdom because God chose us! Because He did the choosing, He also does the keeping, and we can depend on Him 100% of the time to always hold us in His hand. This is where our motivation to praise Him originates.

    100 years ago, Arthur W. Pink wrote a wonderfully informative book, “The Sovereignty of God”, which reads very contemporary, as if it were written this very morning.

    Our God is sovereign, and if He ordained anything to be before the foundation of the earth, it WILL come to pass . . . including support for WQBC, 1420AM. God speaks today, and we don’t have to be particularly charismatic to hear Him. What has He told you in this regard?

    Were you aware that one of the biggest differences between the Union and the Confederacy, was the fact that the Confederacy was made up largely of Christians, and strongly of the Reformed Tradition, where the North was predominately unbelievers, dominated by Unitarians? The term, “Bible Belt”, directly bespeaks of this factual distinction!!

    The Scottish Saltire is the Cross of St. Andrews, a Christian symbol. Due to the dominance of Scots-Irish ancestry and Christianity in the South, the Scottish Saltire, along with the Union Jack, were the banners from which certain elements in the Flags of the Confederacy were taken.

    Glad I found your blog.

    Blessings to you, Brother!

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