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08 February, 2007 / theexpositor

Calvinsim 101 via Al the Christian

I am greatly blessed by the ministry of Dr. Albert Mohler. The Lord has used the ministry of this man to teach me so much. So when I heard Russell Moore’s call for prayer at the beginning of Dr. Mohler’s radio program saying that his health had taken a dramatic turn for the worse, my heart sunk. I praise God for allowing us to have the life and ministry of Albert Mohler for at least a few more years, and we pray that it is for many more years.

In a recent interview with TIME magazine, reporter David Van Biema asks Dr. Mohler about his experiences during his illness and how his views as a Calvinist played a role in it.

Here are a few excerpts from that interview titled A Calvinist Faces Death;

A few years ago you claimed that “everyone is a Calvinist in praying before surgery.” Can you explain that?

Yeah. Absolutely. In this sort of crisis we all want God to be sovereign, all powerful — to be able to intervene decisively, to rule over every atom and molecule of the universe. My point was that lots of believers are more dependent on a Calvinist-style sovereign God than they realize when they make their theological claims.

I want people to know this is not the experience of Al the Calvinist, but Al the Christian. I wasn’t reciting Calvinist principles to myself in the hospital bed, but I was very much trusting in the sovereign God any Christian can know and trust.



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    What do you think of Al Mohler basically agreeing with Greg Boyd and saying that America is not a Christian nation:

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