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07 February, 2007 / theexpositor

While the American church plays……..

While we the contemporary church in America looks for more ways to “feel” like a church without appearing to be a church, or when one authors analogy of his faith in God can be compared to penguin sex; in other parts of the world, real believers face losing their lives just for being Christians and refusing to deny their faith.

Another case in point can be seen in a story in World Net Daily today. The headline reads, “Descendant of Muhammad converts to Christianity:Face threat to life if forced to Turkey”.

Here isi the testimony of Sedar Dedeoglu, who is said to be a direct descendant of Muhammad, and has converted to faith in Christ while living in Germany. Now Dedeoglu is facing death threats solely because Christ has called this man to himself.

No lattes, no book deals, no hula dance ministry, just a man and his family who came to the point where they knew that Jesus Christ is more than just a good prophet, or a cultural architect, or futurist; He is Lord!

How shallow the American church has become. While believers in other parts of the world are being persecuted for their faith, the American church wastes time with coffee bars, profanity from the pulpit and analogies of animal sex.