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07 February, 2007 / theexpositor

Do Not Meddle with God’s Word

I love Jim Bublitz’s website, and especially Jim’s post of quotes from the giants of the faith. In this post comes the words of the Prince of Preachers, Charles Spurgeon:

“Take care my dear friends, how any of you meddle with God’s Word. I have heard of folks altering passages they did not like. It will not do, you know, you cannot alter them; they are really just the same. Our only power with the Word of God is simply to let it stand as it is, and to endeavour by God’s grace to accommodate ourselves to that. We must never try to make the Bible bow to us, in fact we cannot, for the truths of divine revelation are as sure and fast as the throne of God.

If a man wants to enjoy a delightful prospect, and a mighty mountain lies in his path, does he commence cutting away at its base, in the vain hope that ultimately it will become a level plain before him? No, on the contrary, he diligently uses it for the accomplishment of his purpose by ascending it, well knowing this to be the only means of obtaining the end in view. So must we do; we cannot bring down the truths of God to our poor finite understandings; the mountain will never fall before us, but we can seek strength to rise higher and higher in our perception of divine things, and in this way only may we hope to obtain the blessing. (Sermon 241) “



  1. Phil Perkins / Feb 7 2007 19 01

    Good post. So does this mean the ESV should have expunged the “fear of God” and changed it to “reverence?” They did just that, you know. Of course, this applies to the gender altered translations, too.

    In Christ,
    Phil Perkins.

  2. roaddifficulttotravel / Feb 8 2007 0 50

    God’s word is what it is and what it appears to be-the truth-the ultimate truth, and the divinely believable aspects of what the earthen vessel as we know it, is all about. And, it is the epitome of what eternity promises to be-later in the afterlife, after the second coming, when we all exist under the ruling reigning, sovern power of God all mighty for endless time. Which is our understanding as followers of Jesus to be forever, everlasting and eternal…
    Amen; amen and amen…

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