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06 February, 2007 / theexpositor

Wanted: Ministers Who Preach not Themselves, but Christ

In this post-modern, seeker-sensitive, user friendly, theologically ambiguous world, the role of the minister seems obscured. Today the titles are “futurist”, “cultural architect”, “facilitator” or a host of others. In this wonderful article republished in the most recent edition of Modern Reformation magazine, Dr. Michael Horton lays the foundation of this growing lunacy of coaches instead of pastors, and what the Apostle Paul said was the true basis for ministers and ministry.

Dr. Horton writes,”Like Jesus Christ himself, it (ministry) is hidden under the cross, carried around in “jars of clay,” but also like Jesus Christ, it possesses the power of resurrection life.  It will fail all of the worldly tests of success, effectiveness, relevance, and efficiency, but it will continue, as it always has, to breathe everlasting life into a valley of dry bones until God has a living people standing before him in praise and thanksgiving.”