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01 February, 2007 / theexpositor

Prayer Request for Dr. Alistair Begg

Dr. Alistair Begg, senior pastor at Parkside Church near Cleveland, Ohio and host of Truth for Life, has announced thathe has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. From his website, Dr. Begg made the following statement,

Dear Friends,

During the week of January 22, after a series of tests and finally a biopsy, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although this is not what I had hoped for, my doctors seem confident that this is very curable. We are presently discussing different treatment options.

Interestingly, we have just begun a new series of studies in James at Parkside Church. Immediately I have been entrusted with the privilege of not simply teaching, but in a particular way, living verses 2-4 of chapter one.

I will keep you informed of any significant developments. It is a matter of great comfort to enjoy your friendship and to count on your prayers.



Please pray for Dr. Begg and his family



  1. Ken Bland / Feb 22 2007 20 46

    I read Dr. Alistair Begg’s “truthforlife” personal note of January 26 with surprise and a deep sense of sorrow. Dr. Begg is only one year older than my daughter which tells me that he is, in my view, still a relatively young man. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about six years ago so I have some knowledge of what Pastor Begg will be experiencing. His age is in his favor and, subject to professional opinions, bodes well for complete recovery. I was diagnosed at age 70 with a PSA of 28.4, sufficiently high to get my doctor’s immediate attention and things happened pretty quickly after that. My treatment was probably more extreme that Pastor Begg will be subjected to because of my age and advanced condition. Please tell him to read extensively on treatment options (there are many) and talk freely with his urologist and oncologist about choices and conseqences of each. Prostate cancer is NOT an automatic death sentence. It is among the slowest growing of cancers in a man’s body and there is rarely a need for immediate action. I wish I could sit down with Dr. Begg over a “cuppa” and chat with him and thank him for his many years of radio ministry. Of course our prayers — mine and my wife’s — are with him and his family. This affects him and his wife together and will result in important changes for them both.

    By the way, after my treatment — surgery, hormone therapy (also known as androgen deprivation therapy), and external beam radiation — my PSA has been, for practical purposes, undetectable,

  2. valeria / Mar 14 2007 6 48

    Pastor Begg’s surgery will be April 23. Please continue to pray for him, his family, his doctors and his church.

    He has meant so much to me…such wonderful preaching is hard to find these days.

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